Bonnie Fischer, Pole Dancing Instructor
Bonnie Fischer, 45, is an instructor at New York Pole Dancing. A fitting model for brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Donna Karen, Fischer began pole dancing three years ago, when she first took a class for fun at New York Pole Dancing. Since then, she has trained tirelessly at the sport and taught other women how to turn to pole dancing for some serious fitness.  Here is a glimpse at her life, both within and outside the pole dancing studio.
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The Natural Look: A Harlem Hair Expo
There are lots of beauty supply shops in Harlem, but only a few offer all natural products, with ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil and free of chemicals and synthetics. Even fewer of those shops are owned by the black women they serve. In the small gymnasium of a YMCA off of Adam Clayton Boulevard Harlem’s first ever natural hair expo sought to persuade black women that the “natural way” is better not only for their hair but also for the wallets of black owned beauty retailers.


The Doll Factory
An inside look at the Madame Alexander Doll Hospital in Harlem, NY.

 Lazy Sunday

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The Washington Post – “Eye on Entertainment”
A sample gallery indicative of the work I did while working at the Washington Post as a photo editing intern