re: occupy
A behind-the-scenes look at Occupy Wall Street as it prepares to emerge from hibernation this spring.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Scott, 23, and Whitney, 25, live on the Upper West Side. They’re a young and happy married couple. They’re also homeless.

Taste Trolley Highlights New East Harlem Flavor
Once a month, the East Harlem Taste Trolley makes gentrification more appetizing, taking 45 hungry diners on a tour of East Harlem’s gourmet eateries.

A Beer From Harlem
In the 1920s Harlem witnessed a renaissance in music, arts and culture. One neighborhood, Sugar Hill, was known for its roaring music and “sweet life.” Today, one local entrepreneur is trying to bring that sweet spirit back to Harlem.

Danger. Sex. Fear. Communism. The Legendary Ms. Grace Epstein and the Unstoppable Losh take you there. We’re in DisSerbia now…

Laundry Day
A short film by Cereal Killers made for the 100 Hour Film Race 2011.

Walk This Way
JAMB Chops Productions takes you inside the real world of racewalking as contestants prepare to participate in Pittsburgh’s first annual Step By Step racewalking competition. Made for the 48 Hour Film Project in Pittsburgh, our team only had 2 days to write, film and edit “Walk This Way” in its entirety, working with the assigned genre of mockumentary, plus the required elements of a detective named Paula Perry, an umbrella as a prop, and the line “I meant to tell you a few days ago.”

The Washington Post – “What Will Survive the Heat”
A thoroughly embarrassing video of me from 2010 when I interned at the Washington Post.
The lede read: “With record-breaking high temperatures beating down on the roof of The Washington Post building, we wanted to know which would take the longest to melt: Ice cubes, a chocolate Washington Monument, a Hostess Sno Ball, ice cream, or a Post intern (Milos Balac).”

Till The World Ends
Music video exploring the transformation of New York City into a fantasy land on film, specifically in music videos and musical sequences from movies. Final project for Edge Cities: Celluloid New York & Los Angeles

Doci Kuci (Homecoming)
A digital exhibition of my parents’ immigrant love story. Final Project for Cinema & Migration

Toxic: The Britney Spears Story
The downfall of America’s sweetheart. Final Project for Stardom